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Please read our guide below before you submit your logo to be digitize.

Digitized embroidery files are created by importing an existing graphic or logo into a digitizing software program and then "tracing over" that design with stitch patterns. These images can be scanned from a paper copy that contains your design, or they can be imported from a digital art file (including low-resolution images taken from the web).

Paper copies of logos or designs should be presented at the highest resolution possible, and in a color format. Letterhead is an acceptable option (more so than business cards, because typically the logos on business cards are small and printed on textured paper). We can also use black and white line art as the tracing pattern, so long as any color breaks required are designated in some way.

Digital art files of logos or designs are created and saved from a professional graphics program or exported from a graphics program. Acceptable graphic program formats include files created in Photoshop, Freehand, Quark, PageMaker, CorelDraw, Illustrator, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or any paint program that can export an image. Acceptable exported file formats include eps, gif, jpeg, or bmp at any resolution, but the higher the better. Any and all fonts and attachments must be included with every file type, or all fonts must be turned to paths. Images taken from websites are acceptable for creating digitized embroidery files, so long as they are large enough to see clearly.

The bigger and cleaner the provided art, the easier it is to digitize and the more accurate the final result. Color breaks must be made apparent on this artwork, so that these color breaks can be built in to the digitized file.

Standard turn-around time for digitizing existing artwork is three business days. If digitizing is required in less than three business days, a rush charge of 20% will be added to the invoiced amount, plus any and all shipping charges involved with sewout approvals.

Embroidery Xpress can provide you estimates in regards to the number of stitches that a piece of art will require to complete as an embroidered file, remember that this number is only an estimate. All digitizing and embroidery fees will be billed based on the ACTUAL STITCH COUNTS that can only be determined after the file is digitized. Adjustments will be made to all estimates, both up or down, based on the final, actual stitch count.

DIGITIZED EMBROIDERY FILES: Embroidery Xpress prefers to use TAJIMA [.DST] digitized embroidery files, as this format sews best on our embroidery machines. (IMPORTANT NOTE: we cannot edit or resize TAJIMA .DST files! Any .DST files provided must ready for sewing!)

We also accept the following digitized embroidery file formats: MELCO CONDENSED [.CND]; COMPUCON [.REF or .XXX]; BROTHER BES [.BDF]. Each of these file types can be opened, edited and resized through our systems.

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